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Do you want to stand out, attract your ideal clients easily, make more money, and have more impact?


Do you want to have crystal clarity about what makes you unique—and have a brand and business that feels juicy and aligned with your soul’s purpose?


Are you sick of following formulas for how to build your business “the right way” and want to do it YOUR way?

If this sounds like you statement

Hello! I’m Linda Rasch. I’m a certified holistic health, transformation & know your WHY coach.

In my former life, I was a corporate leader and marketing, strategic communication, and branding consultant for more than 20 years.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get crystal clear on their objectives and create strong brands and targeted messages to attract clients and reach their business goals.

And I’m on a mission to help coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs STAND OUT from the crowd, make the money they deserve, and end the uphill struggle to get clients once and for all.
Why is this so important

I’ve heard a lot of coaches—just like you—who are having an especially difficult time getting their business to grow as quickly as they want.

They feel embarrassed they’re not further ahead and are uncertain how to get the results they want. Can you relate?

Well, that sucks.

Because you deserve to make good money and enjoy a business you love. And there’s no time to waste. The world needs you and your unique brand of healing. Now.

Here’s the deal: If you’ve been working hard to build your business—and have invested in program after program in search of the Holy Grail of business success formulas—but are still struggling—it’s time to do something different.

Forget the formulas

See, many coaches like you go out and try to figure out the keys to a thriving business—using all the latest and greatest in trends and strategies.

But there is only ONE thing that distinguishes you in the marketplace and makes you stand out from the rest.

It’s THE ONE THING that makes you so appealing, that your clients come flying to you. And that is…YOU!

It’s about getting connected to your brand essence and effectively marketing that. But you need to connect the dots. And you just need help connecting with what I call Your Vibrant Brand. Which really means simply and effectively expressing your unique brand essence so that you stand out in the market, attract your ideal clients, and make the money you deserve just by being you.

This is where I can help you.

Learn how I helped a heart-centered entrepreneur like you…

Through her loving and nurturing guidance, I have been able to whole-heartedly accept my gifts. Linda has been like a cheerleader and soul sister throughout our work together. I feel comfortable and am able to get real and vulnerable with her. I trust her completely and know she is authentic about her interest in me and my success. Her expertise and intuition have been pivotal in moving me forward. There is no reason to have to go through life and the building of your business on your own when you have the opportunity to have Linda in your corner. Linda is a gift & a blessing in my life. I’m incredibly grateful to her for her unwavering dedication and passion.”

Brenda Pineda Elias, The Life Studio

Now I realize statement

You may be holding back being more of you because you think that if people actually knew who you are, it might repel them from doing business with you.

You might question whether you’re good enough or that you have enough value to offer.

Or perhaps you think that if you showed you weren’t completely “buttoned up” people wouldn’t trust you.

It can feel really scary to show you true self because we have been taught that it is a sign of weakness to be honest and vulnerable.

But let me assure you…. It’s what your potential clients are craving for. They WANT to know you are REAL. By sharing your story, they can identify with you.

Believe me, I know. Even with my 20+ years of branding expertise, I struggled to make the formulas work for me. I struggled to communicate what I do. I struggled.

UNTIL…I got really clear about my unique passion, purpose, vision, and values, and my one-of-a-kind gifts. And now, it’s so joyful and so easy to make money being me! And you can, too!

Instroducing Your Vibrant Brand Title

You can’t just keep chasing after the next program that will “solve” your problem.

Until you’re clear about who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you do it, and who you do it for, you’ll just keep spinning your wheels and wasting your time and money.

Without these answers, you won’t be able to communicate confidently to attract the clients who are meant to work with you.

Remember, the main reason WHY it’s so hard to get clients and generate the kind of income you want is:

* You’re not standing out

* You’re not unique

* You’re using other people’s formulas

And, unless you ARE seen as unique in the marketplace, it’s very likely that your business may never take off.

WHEN you become provocatively YOU – and you target your message to your unique tribe – the people you most resonate with are ATTRACTED to you.

Think about it… People are attracted to authenticity, to people that are ‘the real deal”.

They want to work with YOU. It’s the key to ending the uphill battle to get clients.

THAT is why I decided to develop and capture a formula—a system—that will allow you to do the same and truly become invaluable to your clients. Let me tell you a bit more…

Your Vibrant Brand Program Details

I’ve created a 7-step proprietary system designed to CLARIFY your vision, CONNECT to your unique brilliance, STAND OUT from the crowd, and BE IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal clients…so clients DO beat a path to your door, and you generate the income you desire to support the lifestyle of your dreams.What makes this program unique statement

  • Simplicity. I’ve extracted the best elements from more than a dozen high-end programs I’ve taken over the years—from money and success mindset to business systems, branding, packaging and marketing—to help you dramatically short-cut the process of creating a profitable business that you love
  • Truly customized, pain-free support. Your needs are unique and they change from day to day sometimes. That’s why I’ve developed a support system that helps you be clear about what you really want, figure it out, and stay inspired to continue to take action.
  • Personal hand-holding. It’s what makes all the difference… Including SOS support when you feel stuck and need to shift to get results.
  • It’s designed to tap your brand essence. This program helps clarify what makes you provocatively YOU… So that you speak your truth and communicate with confidence… Attracting your ideal clients and the income you desire.

Apply and implement statement

  • Go beyond your fears
  • Communicate what you do with ease and excitement
  • Attract your ideal clients who you love and who love working with you
  • Make abundant money just by being you
  • Short cut the investment of years of time and money to achieve to results you want.

Work with Linda statement

Who this is for

It is for coaches and entrepreneurs who are

* Ready and willing to take action to get extraordinary results

* Open to and willing to try on new ideas

* Ready to accept responsibility for your results

* Ready to step into your brilliance

* And the final criteria is that you’ve got to want to have fun!

It is not for you if

* You play small

* You are blamer, whiner, or complainer

* You are close-minded (I won’t be able to help guide you through what you need)

* Are not ready to commit to getting different results

This program has been designed to help you tap into and stand in your truth, to bring your gifts and brilliance into the forefront…

So you become the obvious choice, the best choice for your ideal clients, and you can articulate it in a way that is truly compelling and attractive.

AND you can generate an abundant income through your coaching, sharing your wisdom and knowledge, just by being you.

Your Vibrant Brand is something very special and just for you. I have created it after many long hours, months, years, and put a lot of love into it.

7 Step Proprietary System

During this 6 month program we’ll dive deep, and extract what’s already within you — so you are really clear about your unique awesomeness and can get the results you desire.

I’ll be personally walking you through each of the 7 steps of my proprietary system. I’ll be drawing out your truth and reflecting it back to you.

To do that, we’ll begin with a clarity intensive to really uncover what you need, what’s holding you back, and break free.
 Each week, we’ll be going into depth into each step, clarifying…










So by the time we are done, you’ll know exactly how you can stand out from the crowd, and have tremendous impact by learning how to be irresistible, and make the money you deserve.
That kind of clarity will trump confidence, it will propel you and your business to totally new levels.

I'm so excited to help you statement


So you can see that I have made this very easy for you to get the exact support YOU need to really shine
, I’ve also included …

* Email support. This is where you will get your most pressing questions answered between sessions and receive feedback on what you are developing to ensure its reflect you and get the results you want!

* Scheduled burst call coaching. You can schedule 5-15 minute check-ins periodically when you REALLY need support and it just can’t wait. This helps you get unstuck and into empowered action! Because there’s no time to waste being in inaction.

When you enroll statement


* :90 initial Your Vibrant Brand Clarity intensive to help you get clear on what you wish to create in your business and your life, and identify what may be holding you back

* (3) 45 minute private coaching sessions each month for 6 months, with powerful customized coaching to draw out your Truth and brand essence—using Linda’s 7-step proprietary system

* Scheduled burst call coaching

* Email support when needed

* Acccess to all of Linda’s teleclasses, group seminars and/or workshops that take place during your 6-month Your Vibrant Brand program period

Ready to Create Your Vibrant Brand

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Act Now

This program is only available to 8 people to ensure you get the super personalized support you need and desire.

Get ready to

Green Dot Be stretched to a higher version of who you can be

Green Dot Take your business to new summits

Green Dot Start to attract clients who are a joy to serve

Green Dot Get paid for your unique awesomeness

Green Dot Go beyond group coaching experience

Green Dot Finally get a customized plan


You CAN build a thriving coaching business… The key is to be provocatively YOU, to get clear on YOUR VIBRANT BRAND, and share your most authentic and unique voice and solutions.
 I will help you do that so your unique brilliance can SHINE.

This year is your year to create amazing results in your business. This is YOUR time to break through all the limitations and fears and take your destiny into your hands and create a business and lifestyle you absolutely love and are proud of! 
And I want to help you do that.

I’m so excited to help you envision, embrace, embody, express, and enjoy your vibrant client and money attracting expression of your Truth!

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To Your Vibrant Brand,


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Linda Rasch
Your Vibrant Brand Mentor